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  • Personal Training - one on one guidance from a certified and highly skilled trainer
  • Massage Therapy - unwind from a tough day at the office or a tougher day with the kids
  • Yoga - the answer to all your relaxation and flexibility needs as well as a dynamite strength builder without the use of weights
  • Aerobics Classes - a great way to energize your day and exercise the most important muscle in your body
  • Nutritional Coaching - learn the FIT Life approach to the nutritional puzzle
  • Educational Seminars - learn from the professionals about a variety of health and wellness topics
  • Group Programs - limited time classes focusing on everything from lifestlye to golf improvement to lunch time workouts

See FIT Life Training Center staff for prices on our two year (2yr.), one year (1yr.), and contract free memberships. We also offer discounts to the following:

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